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Telemarketing/Sales Campaigns > Outbound calling to consumers and/or businesses based on target market's time zone to conduct a sales process.

Appointment Setting > Conducts outbound calls to support the sales function of a business which may include contacting the cold or warm leads or any preferred method that is geared for the purpose of making contact with prospective customers or clients.

Collection calls > Conducts outbound calls to erring / delinquent payors of a particular business and or agency to facilitate reminders of payment dues and or collecting payment.

Survey calls > Conducts outbound calls to collect data either from a general population or from a specific target population.

Lead Generation > Conducts outbound calls to identify and cultivate potential candidates for a business product and or services.

Fundraising > Gathers voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations and or governmental agencies.

Recruitment > Conducts outbound calls to potential candidates to maintain employer brand, extending reach and exposure of career opportunities, building and nurturing candidate relationships and advertising of talent acquisition efforts.  

Technical Support > Provides a user-friendly assistance to individuals experiencing technical difficulties with a specific electronic device.

Billing and Payment > provides the necessary assistance to customers who calls in with regards to billing and payment concerns representing a particular brand and or company.

Customer Retentions > Receives Inbound calls and attempts to reduce customer defections by addressing escalations and or complaints regarding a specific service or item.

Inbound Sales / Up-selling > Addresses calling customer’s personal needs, points of pain, frustrations, goals successfully and attempts to sell additional products and or services.

Order Taking > Collects and processes orders from calling customers catering to a specific brand and or company.

Within and After Hours Voice, Chat and or Email Support > Provides an efficient avenue of communication, serving as Virtual Assistants / Representatives to corporate professionals and or businessmen.
Data Processing > Facilitates the collection and manipulation of required items to assist in the production of meaningful information.

Data Entry > Enters information into electronic formats by using word processing or data processing software and or any prescribe tool as needed.

Transcription service > Converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document for business, legal and or medical purposes.

Search engine Optimization > Assist in maximizing the number of visitors to a website by taking steps to ensure that the site appears high in the list of results returned by a search engine utilizing various creative and innovative methods.

Content and Article writing > Provides by writing relevant and useful topics, information to address specific target audiences that may require a different type or level of information.

Social Media Marketing > Facilitates the usage of social networking websites as a marketing tool to produce content that users will share with their social networks to help a company increase brand exposure and customer reach.

Web designer / developer > Creates, designs, encodes and or modifies websites from layout to functions according to client needs and or specifications.

Research > Plans, designs, conducts, manages and reports on social research projects. Using a variety of methods to collect, analyze and organize information and data, which presented either in written or oral presentations.